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  • Those who want to end the coldness of the end, and want to make daily life easier
  • Those who can not wake up in the morning because of coldness, and want to sleep comfortably
  • Those who want to be free from eye fatigue and stiff shoulder headaches


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I almost no longer have headaches.

  • Hisako Ishibashi(50Teens and Women)
  • Chronic stiff shoulders
  • Chronic headaches
  • Coldness of limbs

I go about three months at a pace of twice a month, but I have almost no headaches. In addition, stiff shoulders are easier than before, and I was taught stretching, so I practice it every morning. I can no longer suffer from headaches, so I am very grateful.


Body temperature is now 36.2!

  • Shiori Yamashita(30Teens and Women)
  • Poor circulation(Flat heat 35.9°)
  • General fatigue

Moxibustion was also tried from weak moxibustion at first, so I received it without being too nervous. I stood for six months, but my body temperature became 36.2.! I'm less tired than before, and I enjoy self-care for moxibustion at home.



Balance the whole body to improve blood flow and improve basal metabolic power

Improve autoimmune power by moxibustion in a tutu that uses the theory of merid entangled

Warm from the back of the body with the far infrared effect of high-quality ceramic, and improve the blood circulation promotion action with moxibustion style original herbal tea to improve the thermal effect


  • My hands and feet are cold.
  • Menstrual pain is painful
  • My legs are my feet go up in the evening.
  • they have a stiff shoulder
  • They have a shallow sleep
  • Don't sweat too much!
  • They have a weak stomach and intestines
  • There are a lot of light clothes.
  • I have few muscles.
  • Body temperature of 36 °C or less
  • Poor circulation
  • It's always tinge.




A warm program in line with daily life.

To improve coldness, you need two things: to create heat in the body (increase muscle mass) and to warm the body with heat from the outside.
In the moxibustion style, we specialize in heating from the outside, and we perform better blood performance throughout the body with mingulity, add thermal stimulation with moxibustion, and warm the body from the inside of the body with footbaths and herbal teas.
In addition, we propose moxibustion treatment to the point according to the customer's physical condition and symptoms, and a warm program according to daily life, leading to a change in body temperature in 3 to 6 months.


First of all, cold care is important.

First of all, cold care is important for physical disorders caused by coldness. There are two types of cold, and the treatment is performed according to your type.
"Cineol", the medicinal ingredient of moxibustion, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and is effective for upsets such as stiff shoulders and headaches.


I like it because I can feel the effect.

Modern moxibustion is characterized by not burns.
There are no marks on your skin. By moxibustion, the flow of blood and lymph improves, dullness and swelling are removed, and it comes to be reviewed from the aspect of beauty such as firmness on the skin, and it is becoming popular.
We also teach self-care at home, so you can feel the effect and everyone will like moxibustion.


There are no side effects, and pregnant women are also safe.

"Moxibustion to the reverse child" is very effective, and moxibustion is made to the point "In" in the little finger of the foot.
It is not medically understood why the reverse child returns with this point, but the usefulness of returning with a high probability has been proven over a long time.
In our hospital, we have a track record of 81.3% in around 28 laps.
Moxibustion is made from naturally derived yomogi, and there are no side effects on the body, so pregnant women can use it with peace of mind. It has a reputation for being able to prepare for smooth production by adjusting physical condition by using it in combination with easy-to-use atsubo.
In addition, you can self-care yourself with the point of the reverse child.



Moxibustion Clinic Moxibustion Style Kakegawa Honin
Acupuncturist Yusuke Shimomura
Acupuncturist (Acupuncturist No. 123635) / MoxibustionIst No. 123553)
a warm-hearted worker
A warm advisor


After graduating from high school, he entered a vocational school for acupuncture and moxibustion. After graduating from the osteothetic clinic, head of the acupuncture and moxibustion department of the orthopedic rehabilitation room, director of the acupuncture and moxibustion clinic, and deputy manager of the osteotatic clinic, he opened a business trip specializing in orthopedics and moxibustion clinic "Mami no Hand" in Kikukawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture in June 2015.
Reiwa September 2019, he opened Moxibustion Style Kakegawa Honin, a moxibustion clinic specializing in improving coldness, in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

He is also active as a "Sennen Moxibustion Self-Care Supporter", and regularly conducts "Moxibustion Courses" where he lectures on how to use moxibustion correctly, how to find points, and points to note so that you can enjoy moxibustion at home.



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